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Men's Heated Winter Jacket For The Harsh Cold

Men's Heated Winter Jacket For The Harsh Cold

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 Experience warmth, enjoy the comfort of cotton, benefit from efficient conductivity, and explore the incorporation of silver and user-friendly technology.

 Gear up to triumph over the severe chills of winter with our Men's Heated Jacket — a supreme blend of exceptional warmth and comfort designed to redefine winter wear.

 This jacket is a manifestation of advanced technology and superior materials, promising to deliver both coziness and style during the frosty season.

Men's Heated Winter Jacket For The Harsh Cold

Regular price $214.99
Regular price $214.99 Sale price
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The Warmest Winter Yet?

...winter doesn't have to be super cold, cold days don't have to be unbearingly freezing.. you can experience both comfort & warmth with this jacket, designed for men that have had enough of the cold climates.

Gift It To Someone Or Wear It Yourself

A warm gift - metaphorically speaking, and literally speaking.

Your husband, friend, boyfriend, or family member will appreciate your kind gesture!

He will use it to be warmer during the cold winter months, or during the other cold days of the year.

Plus, it's super easy to use, all you need to do is either wear it as it is, or use in-built heating technology by pressing a single button.

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Double Lock Temperature

This jacket comes with reflective silver technology, and includes high-quality cotton padding.

Which means you get to LOCK heat inside more effectively, and it means MORE COMFORT for you as you wear it.

When you add the two together, it pretty much ensures warmth, and protects you against the freezing cold days to come.

3 Temperatures To Choose From

Not only does it come with fast heating technologybut it also comes with 3 different temperatures to choose from:

1. 25 degrees celcius

2. 35 degrees celcius

3. 45 degrees celcius

And it's never been easier since all you need to do to toggle between them, or turn this entire functionality off, is by pressing A SINGLE BUTTON.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shop With Lumierlo ?

Shop with Lumierlo because everyone gets priority support, meaning everyone is treated with the same urgency that they are treated in other larger brands.

We know how important it is to ensure your satisfaction, and how important it is to have a seamless system in place to avoid dissatisfaction.

That's also what makes us different from the rest of our competitors.

What Are The Different Temperatures?

You can toggle between 3 d ifferent temperatures and the temperatures listed below are in celcius:

  1. You can change it to 25 degrees.
  2. You can change it to 35 degrees.
  3. You can change it to 45 degrees.

It only takes 1 button to toggle between 3 temperatures.

How Many Areas Are Warmed Up?

This jacket warms up 19 different parts of the jacket when you enable its function by pressing the button.

How Do I Use It?

It's very simple! All you have to do is press the button to turn it on, and from there you can toggle between 3 different temperatures as stated previously.

What Is The 30 Day Guarantee?

Before reading on, please refer to our refund policy here:

Our 30 day guarantee means that as long as you have contacted us and the product in question has not been used in an irresponsible way, or damaged, you are entitled to a refund. However, the return costs are not covered by us. You must contact our team at to initiate a refund.

Your time window for intiating (the 30 days), begins when your order arrives at your provided shipping address.

How Long Is Shipping?

Shipping will take 4 to 6 business days, and orders a processed from 1 - 2 business days.